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Peter Peter's WWE Column

Peter gives his views on what's hot and what's not in WWE

Peter interviews Cindy Rogers - 26th Feb 2005

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Peter interviews Cindy Rogers.
Cindy Rogers
Here's a chance to find out the thoughts and views, and more about the career of one of the most talented women in the wrestling business today - Cindy Rogers.

PETER) : Hi Cindy, thanks for making the time for this interview. Tell us a little about your childhood.
CINDY) : I grew up with two older brothers that loved to torture me. They got their friends and some of our cousins into it too, so it wasnt exactly fun in that respect. Over the holiday ironically, two of my cousins were talking about it, and they gave me props that I never told on them. I guess you could say they were saying i took it like a man and never got anyone else in trouble. I was born in Hartford, CT; and grew up in the New Haven area until during my junior high school years when my stepfather was transferred with his job to Delaware; and we all left kicking and screaming so to speak.
PETER) : When did you first view wrestling?
CINDY) : I started watching wrestling a bit before Wrestlemania 1. I loved the Junkyard Dog. He was my first favourite. Then, of course, I was a 'Hulkamaniac'. I was the typical fan- I loved the good guys and hated the bad guys. The only bad guys I liked were the Hart Foundation. I am a huge Bret Hart fan still to this day.
PETER) : Did you know you wanted to be a wrestler, or did you have other dreams and plans?
CINDY) : It was more of a wish that I could do that, because I didnt know anything about wrestling schools and such back then. I was also very involved in music, as I'm a drummer too. I always figured after I finished school that that was the direction i would be headed in. I am still very passionate about music, but I found that wrestling was my true calling.
PETER) : I'm a guitarist of many years, and I can understand that very well. How did you get your first break in the business?
CINDY) : The WWE's 'Tough Enough' contests opened my eyes to the training and schools for professional wrestling. I enjoyed going to autograph signings and such and I began to talk with the different wrestlers about schools. At the Delaware state fair one year I talked to 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan, Sgt. Slaughter, and Jerry 'The King' Lawler. It was through them that I learned of Larry Sharpe's 'Monster Factory'. The great thing besides it being one of the most reputable schools around, was that it was only 45 minutes from my house. As far as a break went, once I was wrestling was with Afa's WXW. I won my first title there and met some really great people who helped me learn and grow, and then to really branch out and gain some more valuable experience.
PETER) : Who trained you to wrestle?
CINDY) : Well, actually I still train at the Monster Factory in Westville, NJ. The main trainers are Larry, Ed Sealey, and Jim Molineaux. Some of the students at the time I started helped me so much too. I am truly indebted to them all. Right now I help out to also train them when new students come through.
PETER) : What were your first matches like?
CINDY) : When I started there were two other girls there (one of the girls gave us the name the "mad women on the monster factory"), and one wasn't really interested in doing shows. She just loved wrestling and wanted to learn, whilst the other had been there close to two years. They had a show coming up and they wanted an opponent for her, so they had us work constantly together to get me ready. That show got snowed out which was cool, because it gave me a bit more time to truly be ready for it. Anyway my first matches were all with her, so they went great because we were so used to wrestling each other.
PETER) : How would you describe yourself as a wrestler to those who haven't seen you work?
CINDY) : I am an old school style wrestler. I'm not a high-flyer, I'm more of a technical Bret Hart style wrestler; a mat grappler if you will.
PETER) : What has been your favourite match or show that you were involved in?
CINDY) : I have too many to really give a favourite, but I have some definite highlights. My first match, of course, getting into the ring in front of a crowd for the first time. When I won the WXW Womens Championship at Sportsfest ( WXW's Wrestlemania) in a fifteen women battle royal. Winning the NWA/Northern N.J. Womens Title. Anytime I wrestle Mercedez Martinez (when I also add to the blooper reel- right mercedez? - sorry inside joke!). Also recently I wrestled Tracy Brooks at CSWF, and Jazz came in; and we double-teamed Tracy before April Hunter broke it up. That was fun and it was exciting to work with Jazz.
PETER) : How do you feel about the image of the female in professional wrestling? Do you feel it needs to be improved, and women wrestlers to be respected far more?
CINDY) : Well all around I think that the 't and a' is way too much right now. There are so many woman wrestlers out there with great wrestling talent that is being wasted because of the sex sells thing. I have fans come up to me all the time saying how much they enjoy what I am doing, which is wrestling; as opposed to having pillow fights or whatever shoved down their throats all the time.
PETER) : Who are your closer friends in the business?
CINDY) : Luscious Lily, Mana, Alere Llittle Feather, Mercedez Martinez, Talia, The Moonshiners, Ariel, Alicia, Frankie V., etc.. I have actually made many great friends since joining the business so there's too many to write. The Monster Factory guys too, but they are my family.
PETER) : I also have a family like that, my guys at UCW here in the UK. What has been your lowest point in wrestling so far?
CINDY) : My lowest wrestling wise was when I was training at the beginning and I hurt my knee and was sidelined for a little bit. But my lowest point was recently when one of my Monster Factory brothers, and one that you can definitely put in my closest friends list from the earlier question, passed away suddenly. His wrestling name was J.T. 'Nitemare' Matthews. He helped me from day one and continued until his end. He was such a support system to me, and he helped out so many people who came through those doors. He was one of the sweetest human beings God put on this earth, and his void in wrestling and in my heart will never be filled.
PETER) : What do you like to do in your spare time?
CINDY) : I dont really have spare time, to be honest. I still work a full-time job. On my non-show or training days I go to the gym after work. Otherwise I like to hang out on my couch and spend time with my three cats. Also, if i get a chance I like to go to the movies.
PETER) : What five words do you feel describe you best?
CINDY) : I'd say determined, dedicated, crazy, after that I don't know that's a tough one. I had to ask one of my friends (Luscious Lily) to help me but her list i cant put up - crazy woman!
PETER) : What are your main plans for the future?
CINDY) : Just to continue in this sport I love, and to learn and grow as much as I can. Of course my biggest goal is to make it into the WWE.
PETER) : What are your thoughts on WWE and TNA, and the indy's?
CINDY) : Well, at NWA/CSWF I get to meet some of the TNA guys and girls. I enjoy what they are doing. I've seen some of their programs but not a lot because I'm not always sure when it's on. The WWE I still watch every week, but I wish they would go back to the days where they really built a story up - built it up so when the pay per views would happen you really would want to see them go at it. In the indy's I've been lucky. I've worked for some great companies and enjoyed all the people I have met. I do wish that the girls would get more respect overall including pay and what not. We pay our dues just like everyone else and put up with a lot that the guys dont have to deal with.
PETER) : I agree completely. Who do you like to watch or learn from? You alluded to a heavy respect of Bret Hart earlier...
CINDY) : First and foremost, yes it's Bret Hart. I get teased because I bought 40 hrs of Bret Hart on E-bay once. Best money i spent i tell you! I mostly study old school tapes of Ted DiBiase, Rick Martel, Sgt. Slaughter, William Regal, Curt Hennig, Fabulous Moolah, Bob Backlund, Roddy Piper, etc. I do enjoy some of the newer guys like Triple H and Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. I like Eugene also, because he does bring back some old school stuff and the crowd pops for it too.
PETER) : And to finish up.... is there anything you'd like to promote, or anyone you'd like to thank?
CINDY) : Just for anyone to check my website ( and check the future dates and to come see me and say 'Hello'. I love meeting the fans. As far as to thank, definitely the fans for all the support they have given me thus far. Also, I want to thank the Monster Factory and my family there for the continued training and support. Also, my friends who go through this journey with me every weekend to reach our dreams. The website for the Monster Factory is And thanks for this interview!
PETER) : The pleasure is all mine, and the best of luck for the future.
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